first things first

When a consumer says, “That’s to die for,” the capitalist says, “Not yet, you must pay for it first.”


the whole world isn't watching

Perhaps the media needs to start boycotting certain student protest events.

[re: Smith College]


rote answer

‘That’s a great question.’: A cliché that interviewees often use to pretend they are answering a question for the first time.


heaven's sake

People believe in heaven because they have experienced real happiness, or because they never have.


flight path

Less than a hundred years after the Shoah, ethnic minority refugees are desperately trying to cross various European countries in order to enter Germany.


defined in negative

So many years had passed without injury, disease or anguish, he began to wonder if he was alive.


things seen differently

Material trappings may be envied but are seldom admired.


faith debased

A religion that lacks proof of its god can’t begin to be ethical.


not supposed to be here

Humans who engage in handwringing are those who don’t understand what a freak of nature we are anyway.


place and purpose

Installation art: Artfully arranged material preparing for its future haphazard staging in a landfill.


would diderot approve

When a thick dictionary was sitting on the shelf, or a full set of an encyclopedia displayed, one could imagine containing that whole universe. In a Google world, or surfing to a Wikipedia entry, are we not giving up on a greater vision, however unrealistic, one of our containing all knowledge?


higher order opinion

Philosophers just have opinions about bigger things than the weather or property tax rates.


clearly never

There is no blank slate. Think of a bird hitting a glass pane.


negative bazillion

The funny man in the suit asked: 'What is the opportunity cost of taking a year off after college and bumming around Europe?'


to fill one's lungs

Smokers who slip out of office doors several times a day get more fresh air and access to the landscape than their non-smoking co-workers.


voice over

The right-wing radio host had a talent for talking over cogent thought.


thinking complex

To complicate in order to contemplate.


falling apart faster

In the U.S. we accelerate our ruins.


unnecessary nation state

Another province that aspires to be a piss-ant state.