music is

Music: time singing.


end of days

Today a few people believe will be the end of the world. They feel confident they will be ‘raptured’, taken up to their version of heaven. These people are by & large fundamentalists. They believe the Bible (in the language they are reading it) is the literal word of God (verbatim). These fundamentalists calculate the end of the world through this text, the Bible. But either the word problems God composed are too hard for humans, or God was not really very good at math, because the fundamentalists never seem to calculate the correct date for the end of the world. Whether it’s the inscrutable words or the fuzzy math, it shows the fallacy of believing that one knows what the Bible means.


end in sight

I’ve started reading a big novel I knew I’d never finish.


gave as good as you got

In a recent argument with myself I found I was rather overmatched. Not sure if that was a bad thing or not.


relative height

Sitting next to you I feel taller than when I’m standing by myself.


essential services

In the midst of a budget crises, when a government threatens to shutdown except for ‘essential services’, I wonder if that’s the problem: The government is providing too many nonessential services.