video: inverse reality

As the characters in video games get more fit, sculpted and athletic, the game players become more sedentary, amorphous and obese.


more and less

I know more than I think I do—and so much less than I should.


ad in

In the 21st C, who would have imagined that the computer industry’s biggest player (Google) would be a major advertising concern with a technology arm.


gritty reality

The digital sand castle began to pixilate, to disintegrate and crumble.


polar forces

Civilization arises from two inimical and polar forces: market and art.


bidirectional bootstrap

Letting down a bootstrap to pull up one less fortunate.


renewed ruins

At the tourist destination the renovations to the ruins were going well.


tyrant defined

Tyrant: A leader whose head can’t be turned other than by a noose.


win the days

To have won the days between then and now is enough.


social wisdom

No matter the extent or depth of one’s knowledge, wisdom cannot be attained in a state of aloneness. Wisdom is a social phenomenon. It requires that one’s knowledge be deployed interpersonally or socially toward some good. That good may be artistic, scientific, altruistic, practical, etc., but wisdom is always instrumental and not isolate.


first failed translation

The translation problem between languages pales before the struggle to translate the material world into any language.


mapped or lived

Determinism is a mapping of history. While free will exists only in the present.


immortal flaw

Immortality would be a bore. The best life ends in due course.